Headshots for Western Digital - shot in their offices with a mobile studio set up.

CC Group - This vibrant and successful technology PR agency asked for shots in their offices. By flooding a blank space with light it was possible to create a bright, optimistic and contemporary feel. 

Oracle Day headshots - This is an ad hoc set of exec portraits taken with flash at Oracle Day conference.

Wise Catering - Shot in a pub kitchen, a more elaborate light set-up was used to paint the industrial appliances with dynamic colours to add interest and drama to an everyday workplace. 

Southampton Hospital - These wonderful people are - in many cases literally saving lives. These shots were taken with minutes for each subject to save wasting their time. Often shots were taken at their desks or outside wards. It's important to build a rapport fast, make people feel at ease and get that lovely confident and positive look.  

Klaxon Marketing - Staff don't always have time for a photo shoot! These shots were taken on a company social ice-skating at Somerset House, showing that you can create evocative images even on a cold wet evening!

Meachers Global Logistics - Headshots taken in the office can be shot against branded signage to help create a coherent on-brand story. 

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